Michael “Stryker” Mollohan Jr, a boxing coach hailing from Hawaii, now based at Portland City Boxing, brings three years of personal boxing experience and a unique blend of island spirit and fighting prowess to his coaching style. Known for his relentless energy, technical expertise, and unwavering commitment to his students, Stryker embodies the aloha spirit both inside and outside the ring, inspiring and empowering others through the art of boxing.

Meet Other Trainers

Our Portland City Boxing trainers conduct fitness and specialized classes that will improve your fundamentals of boxing and kickboxing but most importantly your health! Get in shape while learning how to box and have fun doing it. Our coaches and staff are ready to help you meet you goals.

Paul is a 135lb Kickboxing Champ and Personal Trainer. Originally from San Diego, CA, Paul moved to OR and after a few years started Training in Kickboxing, Boxing, and Strength/Conditioning.
    Janie has over ten years of experience in the fitness industry. She is a dynamic group fitness teacher and personal trainer. She recognizes the importance of full-body engagement in both cardio- and strength-training programs, and employs a variety of modalities to keep classes and training sessions fun and interesting. She is a certified personal trainer (CPT-NASM), boxing coach (USA Boxing), nutrition coach (CNC-NASM) and kickboxing coach (9R Kickboxology), with advanced education in cardiorespiratoy fitness training and stretching and flexibility technique. She’d love to help you meet your fitness goals!
      Jai, a passionate and dedicated boxing coach at Portland City Boxing, has been training in the sport for several years and coaching for the past year. He's living testimony to boxing's incredible benefits, having shed 50 pounds in just 8 months. Now, Jai is preparing for his first fight, showcasing his skills and determination. His expertise, enthusiasm, and personal experience make him an inspiring coach for anyone looking to learn and grow through boxing.