Fredrick “Rick” Powell is a USA certified boxing instructor, former amateur kickboxing competitor and competitive grappler, having competed for Portland based amateur kickboxing promotion Valhalla Gala, and as a grappler in several Oregon based Submission League tournaments, as well as the California based Grappling X promotion and the Jiu Jitsu Worlds tournament in Long Beach California.

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Our Portland City Boxing trainers conduct fitness and specialized classes that will improve your fundamentals of boxing and kickboxing but most importantly your health! Get in shape while learning how to box and have fun doing it. Our coaches and staff are ready to help you meet you goals.

Paul is a 135lb Kickboxing Champ and Personal Trainer. Originally from San Diego, CA, Paul moved to OR and after a few years started Training in Kickboxing, Boxing, and Strength/Conditioning.
    Coach Joshua is the General Manager and Head Coach at Portland City Boxing.He is a certified boxing coach (USA Boxing), a certified personal trainer (NASM-CPT), a certified strength and conditioning coach (NASM-PES) and a certified nutrition coach (PN1). Joshua is a former amateur boxer in the USA boxing master’s division and a proud father and husband. Joshua values consistency and hard work, and believes strongly that any goal can be reached with the right amount of each. He went through his own fitness journey, losing 100lbs from 2016-2018 so he not only has knowledge from study, but also from personal experience. I look forward to working with you on whatever fitness goals you have. Let’s crush them together!
      Coach Scott is an outstanding & highly motivational boxing coach. He has the ability to work with fighters that vary in style, size, age and experience. Including the ability to analyze your strengths and weaknesses to then plan a training strategy to augment your strengths and develop, improve upon and eventually eradicate your weaknesses.