An Incredibly Thoughtful Idea

Hello everyone,
One of our (many) amazing members shared a super thoughtful idea with us;  graciously offering to donate his monthly dues (frozen for the next billing cycle) to one or more of the outstanding coaches to help them weather this storm we are all in (since they will be unable to teach classes or do Personal Training for the foreseeable future).  This member also asked me if there might be a way  to make this available if others wanted to help, too.  So, here you go!
Please know this is in NO WAY expected, required, or in any way meant to pressure you as a member of our community. We’re all doing the best we can with an incredibly new, challenging and still-evolving situation.   We just made this form as an option for anyone of a similar inclination.  🙂
ALL donations will go directly to the coaches. We will pay out donations at the end of each week as they are processed.
Thank you again for being a wonderful community, and the best part of being at PCB.
Team PCB
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