Coach Chris is a great boxing coach and motivator! He listens to your individual health/fitness needs and makes sure to cater your workout to align with those goals even in group classes. Chris focuses on fundamental basics to make sure you have a great foundation and then helps push you to be at your best by gradually adding in complex drills to improve technique.

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Our Portland City Boxing trainers conduct fitness and specialized classes that will improve your fundamentals of boxing and kickboxing but most importantly your health! Get in shape while learning how to box and have fun doing it. Our coaches and staff are ready to help you meet you goals.

Paul is a 135lb Kickboxing Champ and Personal Trainer. Originally from San Diego, CA, Paul moved to OR and after a few years started Training in Kickboxing, Boxing, and Strength/Conditioning.
    Coach Zavier has been around combat sports pretty much his entire life. At the age of three he would mimic the adults at the gym as they warmed up for their kickboxing classes, by the age of six he was officially training on the mats. He would spend the next few years of his life training and competing as a submission grappler and high school wrestler, while also training under many experienced coaches to improve his boxing and kickboxing techniques. As a young coach and fighter, Zavier is focused on coaching fundamentals and competing, using his experiences and skill sets to enrich the lives of others. Coach Zavier is currently an active MMA fighter and USA Boxing certified instructor and available for personal training.
      Growing up during a tough time, in a rough neighborhood, coach Rick picked up the art of boxing as a form of self defense, eventually adding Brazilian jiu jitsu with the intent of coaching and competing as an amateur boxer and MMA fighter. Before becoming a coach, Rick competed in various grappling tournaments and was a competitive kickboxer for a few years. Since becoming a coach at Portland City Boxing, coach Rick has competed as a Master boxer in PCB's Fight Night 1, as an MMA fighter for the Full Contact Fight Federation and cornered multiple fighters for their fights in boxing and mixed martial arts. Coach Rick is an active combat sports competitor and USA Boxing certified coach focused on teaching the technical aspects of boxing, available for personal training.